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Leader: Charles Huff

Meetings: most Thursdays

Contact: groupscoordinator@newmillsu3a.org.uk


We are a small group who meet most Thursdays, rain, snow or shine. We usually walk between 10 to 12 miles and take it in turn to lead. The Peak District has many fine walking areas within around a half-hour drive from New Mills so sometimes we stay locally and sometimes go further afield. We stop at about 11:00 for a drink; most of us have a thermos of coffee, then two more stops for lunch and a final snack at about 15:00 although on shorter walks we sometimes skip the last stop.

We have also developed a certain amount of technical jargon so you may find it helpful for this short translation:

This walk will be a bit undulating = Feels like climbing Mount Everest

Some of this may be slightly squelchy = You’ll be up to your knees in mud

It looks a little different from when I recced it = We’re lost

There’s a wonderful view from here = If it wasn’t for the mist

From here it is downhill all the way = Except for the up bits

We will be back in half an hour = We are miles away

The sun always shines on a Thursday = actually it is amazing how often this is true


You will love this walk = You will love this walk

January 2023